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Fairfield Group Health Insurance

CSI Insurance Brokers understands that while you want to provide the best group health plan possible for your employees, you need cost effective insurance with sufficient coverage that gives you peace of mind. Our experienced insurance professionals take the time to discuss a wide variety of policy options that benefit employees at rates you can afford. Regardless of the size of your staff or particular benefit objectives, CSI Insurance Brokers selects from among a wide network of insurance companies to find the group health insurance plan that is appropriate for your business.

Benefits of a group insurance for your business in Fairfield

Providing your employees with comprehensive group health insurance keeps them happier and healthier in the long run. Since your employees have access to good medical care you gain the benefit of minimizing the recovery period when they are sick and employees that have insurance can afford to go to the doctor instead of coming into work sick; possibly infecting other employees.

In addition to offering affordable access to quality health services; group health coverage also contributes to increased employee retention while providing tax incentives and benefits to you as an employer. There are many excellent potential employees just waiting to work for your business, but they will not apply if you don't offer them what they need to live a comfortable life.

Which Plan is Right for your Business?

A typical group health policy often includes protection for your employees against the high cost of healthcare. CSI Insurance Brokers designs your plan for your business based on provider type, choice of doctors, out of pocket expense calculations and medical payments. We also offer partially self funded options that can reduce the cost of your health insurance program substantially.

Customize your coverage

Since coverage and benefits may vary within the larger region, contact a CSI Insurance Brokers representative to find the most feasible solutions for the health insurance needs of you and your employees. We design plans and offer insurance products for any sized business and help you monitor costs while providing security for your workforce. Your employees will benefit and so will your business with specialized plans designed by a CSI Insurance Brokers expert!

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