Group Health

Health Insurance for Employees

It is important to make sure that when your employees fall sick that they are taken care of.

As trusted insurance advisers in Fairfield, CSI Insurance Brokers offers affordable and flexible Group health benefit packages to businesses of all sizes. Our experienced specialists work closely with business owners to design the packages that help attract and retain the kind of workforce you want to attract.

Group Health

Just as buying in bulk can save you money the same principle exists for insurance. By having employees come together under one policy they receive coverage at a lower cost than they would individually.

Increased health costs and stringent workplace guidelines for employers make it even more important to stay informed when it comes to group plans for your employees. CSI Insurance Brokers agents design cost effective group life and health plans that suit the needs of your business while helping you manage costs.

CSI Insurance Brokers offers a range of plans for employees at all levels that include:

  •  Health
  •  Dental
  •  Vision
  •  Long or short term disability

With access to a large number of insurance carriers, CSI Insurance Brokers experts offer trustworthy and experienced guidance. We source the best rates and create a plan that is just right for your business. Call us for a free quote or click the link below.