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Municipality and Public Entity Insurance

Schools- We have been insuring school districts for over forty years. Schools face unique risks, and we have the experience to place the correct coverages to protect the district, its board, administrators, and staff.

Shelter Care Workshops- Adults with special needs are served by the dedicated administrators and staff of these facilities. The unique risks associated with serving this segment of our population requires carefully tailored insurance protection.

Fire Protection and Ambulance Districts- Our lives and property are in the caring hands of these dedicated responders. We insure the property, equipment, and those who place service above self to protect us.

Water and Drainage Districts- Whether your district brings potable water to or drains rainwater away from an area, we can provide the protection needed.

Counties, Towns, and Villages- We have been providing protection for municipalities for over forty years, and our experience serves to protect the boards, councils, employees, and ultimately the citizens who live there.

Many insurance agencies simply do not work in the business of insuring municipalities. Most insurance companies stay clear of municipalities. The staff at CSI have both the experience and the market contacts to deal with the complications that arise from insuring municipalities.