For Employees

Sorting through a multitude of insurance options to find the best group benefits package for your business in Southeastern Illinois and can be a challenge for any employer. Offering a wide range of insurance products at affordable rates, CSI Insurance Brokers provides straightforward guidance and sensible group plans that are tailored to suit today’s business owner’s requirements.

Attract the Best Workforce

Few people have the ability to save a significant amount of their income for when they need it most, an emergency. Furthermore, with the rising cost of, well, everything, finding employment with insurance coverage is basically a necessity nowadays. Thus having insurance for your employees is no small matter.

CSI Insurance Brokers will conduct a thorough needs analysis of your business and discuss your precise goals. Whether you are looking to attract the very best workforce with attractive benefits packages or improve employee retention with upgraded benefits, we offer a variety of tailored insurance solutions that address your needs and budget.

CSI Insurance Brokers group insurance plans for employees can include:

Group Health:

By joining a group health insurance you gain all the benefits at significantly less cost. With the proper health care you will be able to take care of your family and yourself when health issues arise.

Dental and Vision:

We often only think about our eyes or our teeth when we have a problem. Without insurance, a checkup can cost more than what most can afford. Rest easy knowing that you are covered when you need to see a dentist or optometrist.

Group Life Insurance:

Group life insurance can be added as an additional coverage or as a standalone coverage. It generally provides a set amount of coverage for employees and can include dependent coverage as an option. The coverage is term coverage and the limit usually drops at a predetermined age. It usually ceases once an employee leaves employment.

Group Disability insurance:

No one ever expects to need disability insurance, however accidents and illness happen and you may need either short or long term disability coverage. CSI Insurance Brokers can develop group disability proposals to suit the needs of your business and your employees.

Personalized Service

CSI Insurance Brokers offers attentive customer service and special attention to detail. Our team of is dedicated to streamlining the process of deciding which group benefits packages that are precisely tailored to your business. Call or email for answers to any questions you may have.